Special Offer!

Between 10 March and 15 May 2016 our organs can be ordered at a discount of 20 to 30 %.
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Console Michael V.2.

We recently completed version V.2. of our Michael console. The new console can be pre-ordered with a 20% discount until 15 May 2016.

New Cavaillé-Coll Style virtual organ in Budapest


We are pleased to provide an update on our latest completed organ which honours the memory of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, the French Romantic organ builder genius.


Console Michael


The new Vox Organi model allowing flexibility in register labeling would be ready by January 2014.

PC und Musik


Vox Organi has established a long-term partnership with PC und Musik in Germany, a company with a leading role on the German market in the area of Hauptwerk systems. 

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Welcome to our website!

     Vox Organi is a division of Phoenix Organs (Europe) Ltd. and strives to offer professional services for Hauptwerk users. Our company builds Hauptwerk-compatible organ consoles for personal as well as institutional use (music and art schools, churches). Hauptwerk is currently the most sophisticated virtual organ software throughout the globe. The developers of Hauptwerk worked meticulously to create a complex yet easy to use software that offers unrivalled possibilities to reproduce the sound of the most beautiful organs of Europe and beyond. Vox Organi’s aim is to manufacture quality consoles with a unique design and at a reasonable price. Vox Organi products are made to the highest standards and should provide many years of excellent service. That's why we offer you up to 5-year guarantee for free.

What does it take to build a virtual organ?

1., Organ console

   Vox organi consoles are on a par with those of a genuine pipe organ, both visually and with regard to their components. Our keyboards are made of solid wood (oak, cherry, ash, maple) as well as veneer, in accordance with German BDO or RCO/AGO standards. Vox Organi instruments contain only high quality components guaranteeing our virtual organs’ longevity. Suppliers include among others: Heuss, Klann, Laukhuff, Peterson, Taylor, Syndyne, UHT, Fatar, K&A.

In Vox Organi consoles one single central panel is responsible for communication between the console and the PC, therefore the organs are just as minimalist on the inside as they look on the outside. We are open to individual wishes of any kind: there are no two identical pipe organs, and we strive for the same diversity.

Read more about our consoles.


2., Hauptwerk Software

„Hauptwerk is an advanced computer organ system - a virtual pipe organ that takes full advantage of the enormous processing power of the latest computers to provide very complex pipe organ modeling and per-pipe sound shaping, while maintaining the enormous polyphony necessary to model a pipe organ successfully. At its core, Hauptwerk is a powerful and high-performance specialist software sampler, specifically designed and optimized for modeling pipe organs through the use of MIDI.

Hauptwerk may be used:

-For study and practice at home by organists, organ enthusiasts and music students.

-As a church organ, theatre organ, or concert hall organ where a real pipe organ may not be possible.

-As a high quality sound module to power digital organs and voice expanders.

-To upgrade old digital/electronic organs to the latest audio technology and realism.

-In commercial and home recording studios to provide unparalleled pipe organ sound.

-For music composition and arrangement.

-For historical organ and music study and research.

-For making a playable documentary of endangered or valuable pipe organs.

-As an instrument on which to learn the organ in music schools, colleges, etc.”



3., Organ sound samples 

     A sound sample is the accurate and authentic sound pattern of an organ, just like a digital photograph, only in this case it is the sound of an organ that is being accurately and authentically recorded. The individual sound samples are capable of imitating even the smallest details of the original organ sound, including the noise produced by the register switches or the action.

With most sound samples the acoustics of the church are also recorded, hence it actually sounds as if the organ was played in the given church. But there is also the option to produce completely dry sound samples which makes sense when the organ is played in churches or concert halls. In such cases the acoustics of the location itself produce the natural fading of the sound.


4., PC

     While Vox Organi specializes in manufacturing organ consoles, we can gladly assist you with setting up the adequate computer configuration.

A summary of computer criteria for Hauptwerk is available here.